Saturday, September 6, 2008

While in high school I drove the baddest car around. A '79 Chrysler Cordoba with one primer grey door. (That's a long story. Maybe I'll save it for later.)

I bought my car for $300 during a drawing at the dealership in Great Falls. I had saved all of my paper route money for months to be able to buy my first car and she was mine.

The first downfall I found is that it still had the original stereo installed which means it came with a kick-ass 8-track player. (All you people under the age of 28... Google it.) For a music junky such as myself, this was tragedy. Luckily my parents still had their collection and I dug through it for something, anything worth listening to.

Deep in the box of dusty 8-tracks, I found a recordable 8-track. I quickly recorded my favorite music at that time (Motley Crue) and popped it into the player. It didn't sound too awful and would work until I could save for a new stereo.

I'll never forget the look on my friend Justin's face when I put in my 8-track tape of the Crue. I could see the wheels spinning. This is my same friend who had just updated to the new-fangled CD player. He was the first of all my friends to have one. "How could I have the latest Motley Crue album on 8-track?"

The next downfall of this car was one that should have been a plus. This car was supposed to be the cadillac of muscle cars... automatic windows and locks, automatic seat, air conditioning, the works. Only thing is, they only worked properly when the temp was 68*, 34% humidity and it was 5:47. Most of the things not working didn't bother me, but the automatic locks proved to be tricky. I would have to base my dress on whether or not I was going to have to get into my car "Dukes of Hazzard" style. Nothing like trying to crawl through the window of your car while wearing a skirt.

One great thing about this car was the V-8 engine. Several of my friends were buying new sports cars and wanted to prove themselves. My car may have been old and battered, but it kicked every one of those boys "sports" cars off the line. (And fit 10 of my friends at the same time!)

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