Sunday, September 14, 2008

I reconnected with an "old" friend from my single days this past week. When I say old, I don't literally mean old... you know what I mean. When we used to hang out, it was to party, ride motorcycles, and basically cause he**. We had a great time together, but lost touch through the years.

It was fun to see that we are leading almost parallel lives. We both have two kids that are 20 months apart (She has girls, I have boys.) We both stay at home to raise our kids while the husbands slave away. (Or don't have to change as many diapers.) And we both are going stir-crazy from lack of adult conversation.

She invited me to meet her and some of her friends to see the movie "The Women". It was a cute film about many of the things that go on with married people.

It was so fun to get together with other moms and not have to wrangle children at the same time. I definitely hope we get to do this more often.

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