Thursday, September 11, 2008

What to say, what to say?

While pondering about what to write this evening, I reflected back on what was happening 7 years ago. I made the mistake of watching a re-run of the 9-11 attacks from the Today Show. I was trying to rock the baby to sleep while bawling my eyes out. It's surprising how quickly one is taken back to the feelings of that day. I then came to my senses and turned it to an old episode of Sex and the City. (doesn't usually make me cry uncontrollably)

I then decided I would write about the local music venue that takes place at a different park around the capital of Montana every Wednesday. We've taken the kids a couple of times this summer, hoping to expose them to new music. The only thing we've been exposing them to at these things though, is all the transients, teen moms, meth heads, and uncontrolled children the town has to offer.

You know all the people you see at the fair and always wonder where they are the rest of the year? They attend these concerts. We've given it a try and I think we will probably pass on these events next year. We'll just take them to Wal-mart if we feel the need to "expose" them to different people.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about 9/11. Your dad and I watched a special last night and we both cried. I thought of your sister Nille and how this has effected her. I thought of calling her, but know she had to have been with friends and working through the memory of the incident. We are lucky, she worked in the area a while earlier. She was to very close even that day :o(