Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why children should not be wedding photographers

I was cleaning out the cupboard on my computer table when I ran across the only cd of wedding photos. I remember that we had little disposable cameras on all the tables for people to take pictures of the happenings at our wedding reception. I was teaching at a one-room schoolhouse at that time and had all my students in my wedding. This means there were lots of children at my wedding. They were all so cute, but don't take very good pictures. I have lots and lots of pictures of butts, my cake, and the sky, but very few of anything else. I do like to look at them though. They make me laugh. (I also don't understand why people don't want children at their wedding. You should have seen the good time they had. They even danced. I have great blackmail pictures for when they get older!)

Two guesses what or who this it.

This little girl wastn't actually in my wedding. She was only four at the time, but both her big sisters were, so we had a dress made that matched the junior bridesmaid ones out of leftover material.

I have LOTS of pictures of this lady... much to my dismay. She was the worst parent I've ever had to deal with. Luckily they moved my last year of teaching.

Finally, a pic of me, holding the only beer I had that day.

A back pic of the devil mother.

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Sally said...

Love the pictures, especially "devil mother." Anyone who has worked in education has one of those! Thanks for making me laugh.