Monday, October 6, 2008

This was such a beautiful fall weekend that we decided to take the boys for a walk around Spring Meadow Lake. I've lived in this town for 8 years and have only been there once. I'm now mad at myself for not doing this before.

There is a clearly marked trail all the way around the "lake". It's actually a bunch of small ponds, but everything is well maintained. There was a fire that ripped through the area a year ago that did quite a bit of damage, but all the dead, burned trees have been cut down. The regrowth is happening fast.

Tate made it all the way around, and Riley made it almost the whole way. Bill had to carry him toward the end. The boys enjoyed picking up various sticks and leaves. We also found oak tree leaves, a bit of a rarity in this area.


Tennille said...

What a cute picture!

* TONYA * said...

That looks so beautiful with all of the fall colors. I'd love to let my twosome free out there to run.