Thursday, October 16, 2008

A is for...

Today we started learning letters at our house. We started with the letter A because, well because it's the first letter in the alphabet, of course. We read a book about Apples and then we glued letter a's onto a larger A. We also added some apples and even an airplane, just for fun. The only problem with this activity was getting them to stop. They would have glued everything not nailed down if they could.

We then moved onto some large muscle activities. Very important with two toddler boys. We "flew" around the house pretending to be airplanes. I'm sure if the neighbors could look in, they would have wondered what I was on, but it was fun.

We then move to lunch where we had applesauce and "A" sandwiches.

(Please ignore the orange countertops. We're waiting for them to come back into style!)

Of course, Mom got to eat the leftovers... no waste here.

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Sally said...

So fun! What a great mommy you are!