Wednesday, September 16, 2009

After a 20 minute tantrum over not wanting to get dressed, here is the conversation I had with Tate:

Tate: "I'm going to run away from home!"

Me: "Would you like me to help you pack? Take a granola bar."

Tate: "I'm going way far away!"

Me: "Well, I'll miss you."

Tate: "Will you come with me?"

Me: "That kind of defeats the purpose of running away, doesn't it?"


Tennille said...

Aw, I don't know what's cuter. That he wants you to come with him? Or that he's still a nudist?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. So what did he pack and in what did he pack it? You wanted to leave with Paula and Bill (Debbie's sister) when you were tree years old. You packed your rusty dolly and stuffed Bert and Ernie in your Easter Basket. You also wanted to wear your feet pj's. Didn't resume this threat until high school.

Sally said...

I love it!