Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last night, I cooked dinner for the fam damily while the boys and Bill played outside. It's nice to have time to myself to get some cooking done. I enjoy cooking, but sometimes it is too hard to fix a great meal with two monkeys hanging off your leg. Last night, however, I was able to put together a tasty meal and it only took me 30 minutes!

First, I made some sugared almonds for the strawberry and spinach salad. These were just chopped almonds heated in a frying pan with sugar for about 8 minutes. I then let them cool on a sheet pan and broke them into small chunks. This would also make a quick snack.

Next was the salad. It's just spinach, a bit of lettuce and some sliced strawberries. Simple. The best dressing is poppy seed. I think ranch would be tre' gross on this. Sprinkle with the sugared almonds and your ready to go!
Then I put together some strawberry lemonade with real strawberries. It's a mix of Country-time lemonade, strawberries, and ice. Mix in a blender and serve. It would have been cute to serve with a slice of strawberry on the glass, but I think little touches like that might be lost on three boys. This was a bit sweet, but was still tasty.

Finally, as you can see from the last picture, I used the George Forman grill to grill up some chicken. I always forget how easy this thing is to use. Chicken is done in 10 minutes! I then poured some Italian dressing over the chicken and topped it with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. A bruschetta inspired chicken even the kids will love. Please enjoy my Alton Brown inspired photo below...

Ha ha... did you get that? No? Go watch some Good Eats. I'll wait for you. Got it? Good.
The kids and the hubby ate most of this. Although the kids did just pick the strawberries out of the salad to eat, overall this meal was a success. And if you're the mother to toddlers, you know how hard this can be!

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