Saturday, January 3, 2009

You better watch out...!

What is the worst thing about Christmas? What brings sorrow and pain to everything it touches? Who causes future need for therapy? Santa, of course! Who brings joy and good tidings throughout the land? Who puts a smile on all the children's faces? Who brings lots of toys whether you've been good or bad? Papa!
P.S. This is why I don't use tinsel on my tree... you find it everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Nice Cheeks Bill!

Heidi, best keep Bill away from the grass in the kids Easter basket.

Who needs sleep? said...

Sorry, the person with the hairy butt and tinsel is Riley. What can I say, the kid is hairy! P.S. who's anonymous?

grammy said...

Those cheeks have more than tinsel in there. They are a varitable storage for what ever he needs, cereal, sand from the sand box, I have even seen weeble people in there. I think he is using them as another pocket, just like contractor pants, you know, a belt here, a pocket there and places you can slip anything you can think of.

Sally said...

Olivia had the same reaction to Santa.

I find woodchips from under the swingset in Olivia's diapers!