Friday, December 19, 2008

Can we open them now?

Auntie Nille's presents arrived from Brooklyn yesterday and the boys haven't left them alone since. I did text her to make sure they wouldn't break if the boys hauled them around the house and she assured me that they would have to drop them from a jet plane to cause much damage.

The boys have been carting their gifts around the house playing "fed-ex guys". They deliver them to each other over and over. The funny thing is our packages were delivered in a budget rent-a-truck so I don't know how they knew he was a fed-ex guy. It's not like we get tons of packages. Oh well, they are having fun.

I did catch Tate trying to peek under the wrapping this morning. He had the gift on his lap and was lifting the wrapping paper just enough to look under it. He wasn't able to see anything, but he sure wanted to! (See Mom, it must be genetic!)

(sorry for the crappy picture... I took it with my phone.)


Tennille said...

I considered using packing tape in order to close it up really well, next year I guess I'll have to!

Anonymous said...

Genetic my eye! Those two will learn from the best. While helping Granny and Papa a few days ago, open the ornaments I package so carefully each year, Tate and Riman were going to town on the paper. The most exciting thing going that day with the exception of tinsel hanging for Ri. My tree is leaning so and the bottom is heavy with ornaments. But the most beautiful tree ever.

Sally said...

Isn't it great that they can have so much fun before the gifts are opened?