Monday, November 17, 2008

When did Bert become such a rock star?

What will keep the attention of a 20 month old for almost two hours?
Elmo, of course!
We got to go to Elmo and Seseame Street Live down in Bozeman last week, thanks to the in-laws. They bought great tickets... right in the middle and close enough to see everything, but not so close that you had to strain your head up to see on the stage.
The show was almost all music, and yet not a minute was eye-glazingly boring. It was fun to see all the old characters that I loved as a kid, such as Oscar and the Count. The kids of course went crazy for Elmo and Big Bird.
The best part was when they did the hustle. Bert came out in this white, Bee-Gee's inspired suit and proceeded to disco. I would love to know how they are able to dance and sing in those suits without falling on their butts.
Since that night, Riley has been hauling around his Elmo everywhere he goes, even the dirt pile out front. Elmo gets a quick shake off and then it's off to bed with Ri, also. He even hollers for Elmo in the middle of the night if he can't find him.

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